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The first ever 3-D animated, family-friendly, faith-based movie released to theaters!

The Lion of Judah tells the story that changed the world... 

When Judah the Lamb is taken by the townspeople to become a sacrifice, his six new friends from a Bethlehem stable have to go to his rescue! An incredible adventure follows, full of danger, drama and heroes.

Judah’s new friends, led by Slink the clever mouse (Ernest Borgnine) and Esmay the motherly cow (Sandy Patti) meet up with Jack (Scott Eastwood), a teen-aged donkey with an attitude!

Jack is less than happy to be part of the crew, but when the furry and feathered band of stable animals get separated and need saving, it’s Jack who rushes to their rescue.

Even the best efforts of Jack and the rest of the stable friends are not enough to save Judah. In this incredible tale of adventure and compassion, it takes the greatest hero of all, The King, to save Judah… and all the other animals, too!


Frequently asked questions about The Lion of Judah movie

Why is the movie called The Lion of Judah when there is no lion in it?

The movie title, The Lion of Judah is a play on words. One of Jesus’ many names is “The Lion of Judah.” Judah is not just the name of the main character of the movie, the lamb named Judah, but it is also a name of the nation of Judah. A lion is also often portrayed as a king. The title of the movie, The Lion of Judah, is actually another name for Jesus who is the real life Lion of Judah.

What is the story of The Lion of Judah about?

The Lion of Judah retells the story of Easter. The same animals who live in the stable in Bethlehem where Jesus was born now have the chance to witness His Triumphal Entry in Jerusalem, His cleansing of the Temple, His crucifixion and also His resurrection. The Lion of Judah the movie tells the story of Easter in a way that engages children, teens, parents, families, believers and even unbelievers.

Who or what is Animated Family Films?

Animated Family Films in the multinational corporation who is producing and creating The Lion of Judah, the very first 3D animated, faith-based, family-friendly film to be released in theaters. Animated Family Films has offices in Coral Springs, Florida and also South Africa. Rather than being just another production company that makes great movies, Animated Family Films is focused on developing quality films with memorable characters and using these films to introduce and build internationally recognized Brands and character franchises.

Who are the actors who play the characters in The Lion of Judah?

Sandi Patty is the voice of Esmay the cow, Ernest Borgnine is the voice of Slink the mouse, Michael Madsen is the voice of Boss the raven, Georgina Cordova is the voice of Judah the lamb, Anupam Kherr is the voice of Monty the horse, Scott Eastwood is the voice of Jack the donkey, Alphonso McAuley is the voice of Drake the rooster and Omar Benson Miller is the voice of Horace the pig.

What is Once Upon A Stable?

Once Upon A Stable is the prequel to The Lion of JudahOnce Upon A Stable is an award-winning, 23-minute, made for TV animated feature that tells the story of Christmas through the eyes of the same animals that are present to witness the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


JudahJoin the Lion of Judah "Adopt A Lion" Program

The story of The Lion of Judah is like the story of a modern-day David going up against Goliath. Our movie may not be named after David but it is facing the Goliath of an entertainment industry that is continually pushing the limits of decency.

The Lion of Judah is a movie based on Christian faith, history and principles. Movies like ours are not often what the big movie studios choose to promote.

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Meet Drake the zany Rooster!

voiced by Alphonso McAuley

Drake is a young rooster. He is the person who never keeps quiet, that needs to know everything and who keeps getting into trouble while getting others into trouble as well.

He doesn't live day by day... he lives minute by minute. When it comes right down to it, Drake probably lives second by second. He doesn't really have any idea of what just happened or what is happening next. Drake is one of those creatures that lives only in the present.

If ignorance is bliss, then Drake is very blessed. Drake lacks concentration or awareness of what is going on outside of the stable.

Drake is very animated and is the zaniest of all the stablemates. Drake loves to dance and tries to be funny. Unfortunately, he is funny, but not the way he plans.


Meet Esmay the motherly Cow!

voiced by Sandi Patty

Esmay is a milk cow and the mother of the stable. She takes care of all the stablemates as much as she can.

She considers herself quite a lady and feels she should be in a pristine stable or house, rather than with this raggedy bunch of creatures that she calls friends.

Esmay has a large vocabulary, especially for a milk cow, and she likes to show it off as much as she can. Not only does she do that, but Esmay can be quite dramatic.

Esmay likes to pamper herself but tries to hide it - not too successfully. She is gentle and feminine but will demand respect when necessary.

Her main weakness is that she likes hay a bit more than she should, so she isn't as slim as she'd like. If necessary, she will bat her eyes at you on occasions - her dignity shows in her facial and body expressions.

Esmay is a very endearing character...even when she uses her tail to discipline her stable friends. They need it a lot!


Meet Monty the cowardly Horse!

voiced by Anupam Kerr

Monty the horse isn't always what he seems to be. Monty is a great big strong horse, but inside he is really just a big pushover and coward. In fact, Monty feints at the the drop of a hat!

Monty is not like other horses and doesn't hang out with other horses so he doesn't really know how he should act as a horse.

Monty has really bad aim, and kicking is just not his thing. He usually does not get "what's going on" in the big picture.

At first, he comes across as strong and confident, but as soon as he opens his mouth he withers away.

Monty worries a lot! When you first see him, he looks pretty composed - but he looses his cool as soon as things don't go his way. He avoids conflict at any cost.




Follow the adventures of a bold lamb (Judah) and his stable friends as they try to avoid the sacrificial alter the week preceding the crucifixion of Christ. It is a heart-warming account of the Easter story as seen through the eyes of a lovable pig (Horace), a faint-hearted horse (Monty), a pedantic rat (Slink), a rambling rooster (Drake), a motherly cow (Esmay) and a downtrodden donkey (Jack). This magnificent period piece with its epic sets is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Enveloped in humor, this quest follows the animals from the stable in Bethlehem to the great temple in Jerusalem and onto the hillside of Calvary as these unlikely heroes try to save their friend. The journey weaves seamlessly through the biblical accounts of Palm Sunday, Jesus turning the tables in the temple, Peter's denial and with a tense, heart-wrenching climax, depicts the crucifixion and resurrection with gentleness and breathtaking beauty. For Judah, the lamb with the heart of a lion, it is a story of...Written by Brent Dawes




26 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

Well intended but a major disappointment

Author: trumpetdls from United States
13 June 2011

I went to see The Lion of Judah recently. My girlfriend and I were the only two people in the theater! It's a well intended movie but I have to agree with the critics - the storyline was disjointed, animation lacking refinement with unnatural movement on flat, glitchy backgrounds (it was obvious they were on a budget), the dialogue was uneven and most of the jokes were weak. You could feel that the movie was trying too hard to be "cool" for the younger set. And we both looked at each other in surprise at the introduction of Batman jokes and the on screen posting of the url for an online t shirt store selling Batman apparel - I realize that this business may have contributed funds to help with the productions, but felt that any mention of secular superheroes was inappropriate and unnecessary. We really think Batman is completely out of place in a film celebrating Jesus! While it may be true that the Dark Knight is always fighting evil and is one of the truly ethical heroes, the commercialization of this sacred theme with t shirt sales messages is appalling. It's also odd that they are now going to release a 3D version of the film. It sounds like they are hoping that the gimmick will pull in additional viewers. This movie will have to rely on field trips by vacation bible schools and Sunday-school teachers to regain their investment. The movie was pulled from the local movie theater after only one week! Once again, good message...mediocre execution.

2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Seriously Clever Film! A Must-See Movie If Ever I Saw One!!!

Author: Shilohbloo from United States
19 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seriously pleasantly surprised!!! The last days of Jesus our Christ on this earth before sacrificing himself for our sins, shown from the perspective of the animals involved; some from Jesus' birth in the barn, all the way to that final, selfless moment when He was crucified. I would recommend this movie to everyone. Forget about criticizing the little this's-n-that's; see it for the incredible message and meaning - and the absolutely clever way of relaying this true account of our Lord & Savior. It truly tells the story very well from that point-of-view, including moments when lumps will form in your throat and your heart will feel like swelling right out of your chest! And for the budget, it really is a nicely done animation. As for all the animal lovers out there, a joyous ending (beginning!!), indeed; not only for the animals involved, but for the viewers witnessing this precious, little, hidden gem. Go see it... You won't be sorry - especially if you're in it for the reason you should be in it for! God bless. :)

23 out of 60 people found the following review useful:

fantastic family film

Author: daniel-444 from United States
3 May 2011

For a lower budget animation this film really hits the mark. This is a great family picture. The characters are well thought out and the animation is pretty good. Now that it is in 3D its even better. I liked how they used the bible as a back drop and didn't make it preachy. The music was amazing. A lot of original tracks, well composed and written. I liked how they used humor to tie together several touchy subjects.

The story really takes off as the crew heads out after their new friend. They meet all kinds of new and interesting characters along the way. The horse was my favorite character. He reminds me of the giraffe from Madagascar.